Vocabulary Game Furniture


learn English Vocabulary Furniture

learn English Vocabulary words related to the Furniture like bed, computer, air conditioner, mirror, bin, chair, door, picture, fireplace, stove, sofa, cupboard, books, cushion, rug, window, shelves, clock, stereo, map, table, plant, dresser, water dispenser, door handle, light, telescope, coat hanger, and the coat hook

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Vocabulary Game Food

learn English Vocabulary Food Items

learn English Vocabulary words related to the food items like chicken, hamburger, chocolate, noodles, baguette, apple, sandwich, peas, mangoes, muffin, oranges, candy, ketchup, shrimp, coconuts, bananas, fish, pie, wine, salt and pepper, eggs, lamb, lettuce, broccoli, lime, milk, peppers, pork, sushi, avocado, tomatoes, beef, coffee, lobster and lemonade


Vocabulary Game – Clothes

learn English Vocabulary Dress

learn English Vocabulary Dress and clothes related things like Tshirt, suit, belt, pants, vest, gloves, dress, ring, skirt, earring, shirt, jacket, scarf, shorts, tie, coat, socks, earphones, sweater, umbrella, shoes, swimsuit, glasses, hat, bracelet, watch, necklace, and bag.


Vocabulary Game – Animals

learn English Vocabulary Animals

learn English Vocabulary animals and pets related words cat, frog, chicken, turtle, crab, rabbit, shark, crocodile, giraffe, cow, horse, butterfly, bull, pig, rhino, sheep, snake, panda, fish, penguin, tiger, duck, bat, dragon, fox, elephant, spider, fly, mouse, monkey, bird, dog and skunk

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