English is not the native language in China. Although many Chinese want to improve their English level to the amount needed in daily work, it’s very hard when only a few people speak English around them. What can you do to study more English? Here are some ideas. Join a school with native teachdddders to guide you. There are so many all over China.

Join a school with native teachers to guide you. There are so many all over China.

Read English daily. This means using websites that are permitted in China, accessing English texts, newspapers and books.

Learn to write. You have an easier task to learn the English alphabet than Chinese characters. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet and they are fairly easy to learn. The hardest thing to learn are the differently pronounced sounds for some spellings in English.

Find some English speakers. Spend time with them and share conversation. A good place include places where bored English-speaking students hang out!

Memorize vocabulary. Write new words in a notebook every week, with English definitions and a sample sentence, not a Chinese translation.

Rent English movies, cover up the Chinese writing, and just listen. Stop the movie and write down things you don’t understand if you can. Don’t worry about spelling.

Find someone to write emails in English to. There are many ways to find people on the internet.


  • Read some kind of article everyday.
  • Write in English everyday.
  • Speak with friends in English everyday.
  • Repeat the vocabulary everyday.
  • Look for a foreign friend to lead you.