With practice, you can learn to speak the English language very well.

  • Get a good dictionary. If you need to, a dictionary to translate between your first language and English is best.
  • Practice everyday by checking your pronunciation, and learning a few new words.

  • Listen to people who speak English. If they talk too fast, kindly ask them to speak slower.
  • Learn the grammar with careful study. A teacher may be best for this.
  • Talk in English with other speakers, especially those who speak it as a first language.
  • Think in English when you have learned it well. Translation in your brain can become confusing after certain points.
  • Read Simple English in your spare time, such resources can be found at the Simple English Wikipedia and books written for young children.

  • Read aloud, so you are aware of how you speak.
  • If you have English classes in school, listen and study as much as possible. The hard work will reward you with a master of the language.