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How to Learn Words for a Spelling Bee Quickly

  • Obtain a dictionary. These can be bought at pretty much any book store, but make sure to get one that has a lot of words and that looks credible.
  • Doing one letter a day (or more!), write down all of the words in the dictionary that look hard.

If you are doing one letter a day, this should take you 26 days. When you have finished with one letter, have a family member, friend, teacher, or anyone else that you can find read off the words to you and write them down, as if you were taking a spelling test at school.

  • Go through the list and see which words you got wrong. On a separate sheet of paper, write down each word that you got wrong 30 times or until you get them all right.
  • Repeat with each letter. When you are done with the dictionary, repeat the step above but with all of the words. Do this until the spelling bee happens. Who knows, you might win the nationals!
  • If you watched your school spelling bee try to memorize the winning word.
  • If you have a list memorize the first couple hundred depending on how many kids are in the spelling bee.
  • Try your best!


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How to Learn to Remember Spellings of Words

Start off with simple words. As silly as it sounds, starting with the most complicated words will not help you learn how to spell quicker. Start off with basic words with a predictable letter pattern where the grammar is not abnormal.

Pronounce the word out loud, how it sounds like it should be pronounced. Wednesday sounds like Wensday, so instead of pronouncing it as such pronounce it Wed-nez-day. This will help you remember how it is spelt.

Read. One of the greatest tools to learning spelling, grammar and punctuation is reading. By reading a variety of different books you are unknowingly reinforcing the spelling on many words over and over again as you read it. Get someone to test you. When you think you have learnt the spelling, have someone who knows how to spell it test you on your spelling. If you can spell the word correctly, you can move onto a slightly more difficult spelling.

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How to Learn to Spell Pneumonoulrtamicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Write down the word.

Read the word out loud several times. This will help you in being able to say and spell it. Try to get to the point where you can say it without looking at a pronunciation or the word.

Separate the word into smaller syllables. For example: pneu-mono-ultra-micro-scopic-silico-volcano-coniosis.

Learn to spell each section, then put them together.

Practice it. Practice spelling the word until you don’t have to stop and think about it.

This may take more than one day to achieve. Be patient with it, and results will come out good in the end.

Practice it. Practice it. Practice it. Is the message clear yet?


Start off slow and be patient!

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How to Memorize Words for a Spelling Bee

Make up creative ways to memorize the words. For an example, the word arithmetic. It sounds fairly hard, right? Well, think of the word this way: A-rat-in-the-house-might-eat-the-ice-cream. Take the first letter of each word and you get: “arithmetic.” Now, when that caller with the bulky voice yells, “ARITHMETIC!” you’ll know exactly what to spell.

Study daily up until the competition. As soon as you get the packet/brochure/sheet with the spelling words listed on them, start studying. Whenever you have free time, before you go to bed at night, it doesn’t matter. But not having to cram three days before the Spelling Bee really does make a difference…if your brain learns the words slowly instead of rapidly, it will give you time to process the information–plus, your brain doesn’t enjoy having to handle so much stress which is caused by impossible words and very little time.

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How to Memorize the Spelling of a Word

Go to your quiet spot. Put all of the things you need around you. Get comfortable. Get your word ready. If you don’t have a word yet, choose a word from the dictionary. If you don’t know the correct spelling of the word, take the spelling handbook or dictionary. Look up the correct spelling of the word you are going to memorize. Write the correct spelling on the piece of paper with the pencil or the pen.
Use the word chandelier for an example but almost any word will work. Break your word down into sections that are two-four letter words or easy to spell prefixes or suffixes, for example, chan-deli-er. Continue reading