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How to Study the English Language

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Study effectively for your English Language? Score well in you English Language? Want all the tips and tricks related to the English Language ? It's all here!

Revise your revisions or worksheets regularly. This will help to keep the knowledge fresh in your mind.

Read widely - newspapers, story books, etc.

Take down notes during lessons and check the dictionary for unfamiliar words.

Play word games like Boggle or Scrabble. Hang around with English speaking people.

Speak a lot of English whenever you can. Take note of your mistakes when doing your work and make sure you don't repeat them.

Standard line: Speak correct English! You can learn correct English with Espoir Smart English It tells us the right way to use English in & out of the classroom. You should learn to speak formal 7 informal English to sound smart.

Watch English channels. Focus on listening than watching the movie. Please try not to read the sub-titles.


  • Study with a friend who is good in the English language.
  • Talk with your friends in English.