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How to Gain Fluency in English Without Focusing on Grammar Study

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Here are my 15 ways on how you can achieve English fluency in just 6 months. By doing the following in a regular basis in your daily routine eventually you will get the fluency that you've been aiming for.

  • Read any reading materials that is written or translated in the English language.
  • Listen to DJs talk and teachers' lecture when they are talking in English language.
  • Watch English movie, TV shows, talk shows, news, even TV commercials that are using English.
  • Correspond to chat mates, text mates in English.
  • Listen to different genre of English music especially RnB, memorize and study the lyrics.
  • Do some Video Karaoke or sing along activities and just sing only English songs.
  • Browse the web, Post blogs and study different blogs about English.
  • Search for videos about English discussions or lessons in youtube or in any internet site.
  • Whisper to yourself or talk to yourself using English when no one is around.
  • Talk to your friends, teachers, bosses, workmates using the second language.
  • Meet and talk to native speakers of English especially
  • Canadian, British, American and Australian
  • to acquire accent.
  • Do self study or enrol yourself in any English proficiency
  • course or program to know more about grammar rules
  • and technical aspects of English.
  • Widen your vocabulary and make it a point to study new
  • words and phrases.
  • Practice and use English more often.
  • Always pray sincerely and ask God for help and guidance using English.