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How to Understand Gaming Words

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Epic- Really Great or Awesome; usually used in gaming experiences such as huge explosions.

Pwned- Used when someone kills someone or some people a really great amount; usually used by Noobs and Waiters but also used a lot by intermediate players, because they think it's cool, and it is kind of stupid, if someone uses it too much then you know they must be a noob.

Assassin- A great killer, the best, because he is trying and working, he runs up to you and shoots, hits, or stabs you. If they kill you, well that's a cool thing because they are great.

Waiters- A stupid Noob, hides in a sweet spot,to shoot you as you unknowingly walk past them, if you get killed by them it's an insult.

Campers- Better than Waiters, but still stupid Noobs; They are usually surrounded but upgrades or weapons to kill you on certain games, and they hide in starting area(usually closed rooms with only one way and one way out) they leave eventually to get a new and safer , and unwatched area.

Sweet Spots- A place where you can't get killed but can kill virtually every other gamer, a hiding spot that's cool but if you sit there the whole time you're a Waiter and therefore pathetic.

Fighters- They 2nd best gamer, they are on the front lines and not giving up, best as a partner, and don't cheat just use strategies

Noobs- A Weak, high or low level player who can't really play, the cheat constintly and flame when you kill them usually become trolls,or Waiters.

Newbie- New Players, they don't know what to do, but they can become great players

Scouts- Find weapons for a Newbie and help out gamers who deserve it.

Snipe- Snipers, they can be good or bad.

  • Bad- they become Waiters
  • Good - They become fighters

Protectors- They are great partners and help Newbie level up, rank up, and heal them when needed, best partner.

Watcher, a constant screen checker(on system link oy local ames) they look at your screen to find you and win, best defined as cheaters.

Flame - A rapid insult, belong to Noobs and Waiters. When a gamer dies and keeps verbally attacking you.

Beggars - Only really Newbie, this automatically makes you a Noob, because it means you can't win by yourself and better more experience gamers will ignore you.


  • Don't beg because you will be assassinated or killed without mercy because you are so annoying.
  • Also, if you choose to say words like "epic" or "pwned", don't overdo it or else you'll seem like a noob.