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Remember Lists of Words Using the Linking System

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We will try and remember these words:

Lemon, Temple, Tea, Ham, Telephone, Cheese Grater, Monkey, Book

Now we will try and think of bizarre images to link each object.


  • Think of a temple filled with lemons. There are priests there dressed in silver robes worshipping the endless pile of lemons.


  • Think of a temple made out of teabags. They are dripping wet, and smell of tea.


  • Imagine a mug of tea, with strips of ham in it, to add to the flavor. It smells like bacon.


  • Think of a phone made out of ham. There are bites taken out of it as if someone has eaten some of it.


  • An enormous cheese grater with hands talking on the telephone.


  • A monkey wearing a cheese grater as a hat. He is flicking it, and it makes a clanging noise.


  • A monkey riding on a flying green book off into the sunset.

Go over these images once or twice.

  • Now picture the FIRST IMAGE in your head. You will find it extremely easy to link from one image to the other, and you will be surprised by how easily you recall them.