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How to Impress Others With Your Words

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Acquire a sophisticated vocabulary. Nobody will be hanging on to your ever word if you only know 80 words. Read a lot of books! They will supply you with all the mesmerizing adjectives and dumbfounding verbs you could ever possibly need.

Maintain a creative view point on the world. Watch the world around you carefully, taking it all in, so when someone asks you your opinion on something, it isn't a typical "I think this is good

because...." You will be able to express a fascinating opinion on any subject no matter how boring.

When you have your vocabulary and creative opinions on the world; you must have good presentation skills. The simplest and most important aspect of presentation skills is to make eye contact. To captivate your audience with your words you must hold their gaze. It shows confidence and shows that you know what you are talking about.

Know when to raise and lower the volume of your voice for dramatic effect so your listener are aching to hear you speak on.

Smile! It shows major confidence and conviction, nobody will dare to question you if you emanate such confident vibes.

Keep the conversation dynamic so nobody will get bored, keep advancing the topic. This involves quick thinking by the speaker.

Know which subjects to target at different people. A girl will not want to discuss wrestling or a nerd will not want to discuss sport.

Keep the eye contact, smiling and theatrical qualities to your words constant throughout your conversation. This can be a priceless quality for later life. It can never hurt to have good presentation skills.


  • Always show that you know exactly what you are talking about(even if you don't fool them with your wit and performance skills.)
  • Present yourself well, be clean and tidy; it shows intelligence and authority with which nobody will argue against you.
  • Know your audience when you speak with them, lead the conversation down angles you and they will be able to easily talk about.
  • Often talk about a special talent of yours(if you have one) weave your words around that subject and people will soon think you are incredible and talented.
  • Do this often to someone you are attracted to. People will love intelligence and the ability to have a thrilling conversation; you may be rewarded for your use of the 'gab'