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How to Learn to Remember Spellings of Words

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Start off with simple words. As silly as it sounds, starting with the most complicated words will not help you learn how to spell quicker. Start off with basic words with a predictable letter pattern where the grammar is not abnormal.

Pronounce the word out loud, how it sounds like it should be pronounced. Wednesday sounds like Wensday, so instead of pronouncing it as such pronounce it Wed-nez-day. This will help you remember how it is spelt.

Read. One of the greatest tools to learning spelling, grammar and punctuation is reading. By reading a variety of different books you are unknowingly reinforcing the spelling on many words over and over again as you read it. Get someone to test you. When you think you have learnt the spelling, have someone who knows how to spell it test you on your spelling. If you can spell the word correctly, you can move onto a slightly more difficult spelling.

Remember the simple rules of spelling.

Learn the pronounciation of letters put together. Hoq Qu, Th, Sh and Ch sound, amongst others.

Do not attempt a spelling once, or even twice. Your learning to spell a word is an ongoing process and should not just be attempted a few times. Even once you have got a spelling, don't forget to revise it every so often, as you may forget it's spelling if it hasn't stuck in your head far enough.


  • When learning a spelling, write down the spellings you need to learn on post it notes or plaque cards. This enables you to go back as many times as you like, as often as you need to.
  • Write down the word you are attempting to spell. By writing the word over and over, you are subjecting your eyes to the memory of not only what the spelling is, but what the spelling looks like written down.
  • Learn more than one spelling at a time. However, over 20 may be a bit ambitious and possibly quite stress causing. Decide upon your set amount of words and stick to it.
  • Choose a period of time - perhaps once or twice a week - to test your spelling. If after 2 or 3 sittings you think you have got the spelling, put down some new words to learn how to spell.
  • Remember to go back to previous spelling sessions to recap.
  • Try learning spellings with someone - it can make the learning process a little bit more fun and less tedious.

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