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How to Learn Words for a Spelling Bee Quickly

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  • Obtain a dictionary. These can be bought at pretty much any book store, but make sure to get one that has a lot of words and that looks credible.
  • Doing one letter a day (or more!), write down all of the words in the dictionary that look hard.

If you are doing one letter a day, this should take you 26 days. When you have finished with one letter, have a family member, friend, teacher, or anyone else that you can find read off the words to you and write them down, as if you were taking a spelling test at school.

  • Go through the list and see which words you got wrong. On a separate sheet of paper, write down each word that you got wrong 30 times or until you get them all right.
  • Repeat with each letter. When you are done with the dictionary, repeat the step above but with all of the words. Do this until the spelling bee happens. Who knows, you might win the nationals!
  • If you watched your school spelling bee try to memorize the winning word.
  • If you have a list memorize the first couple hundred depending on how many kids are in the spelling bee.
  • Try your best!


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